New technologies, new finance, new opportunities! Financial services industry is currently facing multiple challenges. Big Data, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and many other emerging financial technologies are rapidly changing the structure of the global financial ecology. The "Fin-Maker Contest"(the 3rd season), hosted by The Chengdu Municipal Government Financial Services Bureau and Chengdu Administrative Committee of Sichuan Tianfu New Area and organized by China·Tianfu International Fund Town , Chengdu Radio & Television, Shenzhen Hande Finmaker Co.,Ltd. And Zhongguancun Venture Capital Association, has been officially launched on September 11(th), 2017. The goal of the contest is to help facilitate development of the financial services industry innovation in China, to promote financial technology application research and to identify innovative financial organizations and talents. It is the first high-level innovation and entrepreneurship contest in China, which focuses on Blockchain, Big Data, VR / AR, Artificial Intelligence and other cutting-edge technologies to be applied in the financial industry.

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The contest consists of four races, which start every quarter, and finals at the end of the year. There is no limit to regions or nationalities. Application process starts in the first week of each quarter. Start-ups and individual entrepreneurs, which meet the criteria can apply through the official website. Teams that are shortlisted will be invited to join the roadshow and further communicate with the judges.
Applications for the annual finals can be submitted every October. Teams, who win quarterly races will be qualify to the finals. The organizing committee will help finalists to arrange expert counseling and training sessions to prepare for the finals. The organizers will also help to promote winning projects and enhance their market influence by attracting more resources and support.


  • Finance Jury Chairman

    Cao Tong

    Served as a GM of the Retail Banking Department at China Merchants Bank and the People’s Bank of China. Served as a President of China Merchants Bank’s Shenzhen branch. The former President of WeBank, the former executive VP of China CITIC Bank and the EXIM Bank of China. The co-director of the IMI of Renmin University of China, the Vice President of the National Federation of Finance and the Senior Advisor of the Institute of Applied Economics of the University of Hopkins. Was under the tutelage of Edward Prescott - the 2004 Nobel Prize winner in Economics.
  • Technology Jury Chairman

    Yao Xin

    Chairman of IEEE from 2014 to 2015. Distinguished Visiting Professor of Natural Inspired Computing and Applied Laboratory(NICAL), University of Science and Technology of China. Responsible for the Joint Research Institute of Intelligent Computing and Applications of the University of Science and Technology of China and the University of Birmingham. Research results and papers: in 2012, awarded the Wolfson Research Merit by the Royal Society; in 2013 awarded Evolutionary Computing Pioneer Award by the United States IEEE Computational Intelligence Society.
  • Investment Jury Chairman

    Wang Shaojie

    President of Zhongguancun Equity Investment Association; Secretary General of Beijing Zhongguancun Venture Capital Industry Alliance; Executive Director of Financial Committee of Beijing Zhongguancun Credit Promotion Association; Secretary-General of Financial Institute of Changjiang Business School. More than 30 years of theoretical and practical experience in financial investment. An expert in innovation finance, equity investment, enterprise management and international investment exchange and cooperation. Highly experienced in the securities and capital markets.


All kinds of financial organizations, start-ups and individual entrepreneurs can submit applications.
·Financial innovation projects utilizing financial technologies (Blockchain, Big Data, VR / AR, Artificial Intelligence, etc.) are given priority.
·Innovative projects in the areas of financial risk prevention, Big Data credit, supply chain finance, small and micro businesses financing, asset securitization, new payments, smart banking, smart investment and securities insurance funds are given priority.
·Projects with original ideas, leading technology or independent intellectual property are also given priority.


  • Quarterly awards
    - Qualification to the finals
    - Mentor counseling
    - FinTech innovation fund RMB 1-10 million
    - Governmental support
    - Individual Awards for Top Three Candidates.
  • Final awards
    - Project counseling by well-known mentors
    - Special project development training
    - FinTech innovation fund RMB 2-20 million
    - Governmental support
    - Individual Annual Fintech Innovation Award
    - Individual Awards for Top Three Candidates.
  • Annual selection
    - Top Ten Annual FinTech Innovation Award
    - Top Ten Annual Innovation Awards in each specifiedFinTech field
    - Top Ten Annual FinTech Organizations / Teams / Individuals awards

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